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Spherical activated carbon

Spherical activated carbon

With more than ten years of research and development, we have mastered the asphalt based spherical activated carbon core balling technology and non melting surface treatment process with independent intellectual property rights, and realized industrial production. The product has a specific surface area of 800 ~ 1000 square meters per gram, high micropore content, average pore volume of 0.6 cubic meters per gram, average pore diameter of 0.7 ~ 2 nm, mechanical strength > 95%, controllable ball diameter of 0.2 ~ 1.2 mm and good biocompatibility. It is widely used in catalyst carrier, ultrapure water purification, hemodialysis, high-end adsorption of toxic gases and other fields, and has been actually applied in life support systems in cutting-edge fields such as chemical weapon protection, manned spacecraft and nuclear submarine to replace imported products.

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